Hi, I’m Kate!


Classy and Kate


Just in case you’re wondering…


I am: A 20-something journalism graduate, currently pursuing my masters degree in strategic communication. I’m a writer, a creative and a dreamer.


I’m from: Atlanta, Georgia! I’ve lived there my whole life (and moved three times in the same town). I’m in Virginia now for college, but plan to live in a new state and travel lots after I graduate!


I want to be: A magazine editor in a big city…you know, kinda like the main character in just about every chick-flick! Haha but in all reality, that’s always been my dream and I love the idea of dressing up and wearing heels every day!


I’m obsessed with: Books, granola, popcorn, blueberries, pink roses, the Divergent movie (I have seen it over 20x), and Christmas.


My bucket list includes: Staying at a cliffside village in Santorini, riding a hot air balloon over Cappadocia and swimming in Iceland’s blue lagoon.


I’m most happy when: I’m by the ocean, watching a sunset view, stargazing, or on a long drive with my windows open and my favorite song playing. (But you can catch me singing and dancing in my car any time of the day haha)!


Why I started Classy & Kate: I’ve been reading blogs since I was 14 and I’ve always wanted to start a lifestyle blog of my own! I love being creative, and I can always be found trying out some Pinterest DIY project, practicing my photography, making a new recipe, or online shopping. So I wanted to have an outlet for all my hobbies, as well as an opportunity to interact with other people who share my same passions!





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