Hi Everyone!  It’s me, Kate!

I’m a 19 year old wanna-be magazine editor who dreams of creating, designing and inspiring.  I enjoy writing as a creative outlet and have a love for discovering beauty in everyday life. Through this blog, I hope to share daily pieces of inspiration, whether it be fashion, beauty, recipes or lifestyle! Most importantly, Classy and Kate is a a chance for me to put my ideas to reality, as well as interact with others who share a similar passion.

I’m so excited that you’ve happened upon my page!  So take a moment to explore, and don’t hesitate to get inspired! 

For inquiries, contact: Kate@classyandkate.com

Classy and Kate 

A little bit more about me…

  • I’m 19 
  • I’ve lived in Georgia my whole life (moved three times in the same town!)
  • I’m in my second year at Liberty University in Virginia where I am earning my degree in Journalism
  • I have a crazy addiction to popcorn and granola
  • I love any kind of flowers, particularly pink roses and peonies 
  • My dream job would be working for a fashion magazine in New York City
  • I absolutely love being outdoors…some of my favorite things are beach sunsets, mountain views, hiking and waterfalls
  • I love reading + writing, descriptive words, trying new recipes and you can always find me experimenting with a variety of DIY projects
  • I adore traveling and always have a serious case of wanderlust. I would love to go back to Europe…Santorini & Cinque Terre are next on my list
  • I’m that odd girl who would much rather shop online than in a store
  • I’ve always wanted to start a blog! (I’ve been reading blogs since I was 14!)