5 Beauty Uses For Your Leftovers

Sometimes I’m just blown away by the many different beauty and skincare products on the market. I mean, seriously! There’s a treatment, cream or oil for everything. As I’m sure many of you have experienced, narrowing down an effective product can be overwhelming (and often, super expensive). But don’t worry! I’ve discovered a few tried-and-true methods that […]

Summer Swaps

When the warm weather finally arrives, I am always more than ready to pack away the dark jeans and sweaters and pull out all my bright dresses and sandals. It’s a no-brainer for me to transition my wardrobe each season, but I often forget to update something just as important: my beauty routine. A new […]

Mint Chocolate Body Scrub

We’re getting closer to February by the minute, so I’ve been starting to turn everything (and I mean, everything) super Valentine-y and festive!  I absolutely love Valentine’s Day because of the pink & red, roses, decorations, and of course…food!  You just can’t have Valentines Day without chocolate, so I wanted to incorporate this delicious ingredient into […]