A Day in Georgetown

A few weeks ago, my sister and I got to go to Georgetown for the day and I absolutely fell in love! It’s the cutest little town with the prettiest waterfront and best shops. We spent a lot of the day walking the streets, window shopping, talking, taking pictures and of course we had to […]

The Ultimate Summer Guide to Atlanta

I absolutely love lazy, summer days. I love sleeping in, getting extra time to work on projects and spending long days in the pool. But sometimes I feel like pulling myself out of the beach chair to go explore and experience something new! These summer months are the perfect time to do something out of […]

Mid-Week Wanderlust

When the week is at the half-way line and there’s still way too much work to do, I usually start to get a case of what I call, “the wanderlust.”  It comes on suddenly (usually as I’m scrolling through Pinterest travel boards) and leaves an unquenchable desire for the weekend, the summer, & travel.  Do any of […]