Monochromatic Monday + Five Moments

I’m not usually one for dark colors. Now don’t get me wrong…I love a good LBD or a pair of dark-wash jeans, but I usually stay on the bright and colorful side of fashion (I think it kinda ties in with my personality)! But I’ve been experimenting with different color combinations recently, and I am actually really loving the monochromatic look.

Want to know what else I’ve been loving lately?! Read on to hear 5 moments that have made me happy recently…because who doesn’t need a little dose of positivity at the beginning of a new week!?

1. Waking up on Saturday at 11am (in a minor panic because I thought I slept through my alarm), but then realizing I didn’t have work! And wrapping up in more blankets, getting cozy…and sleeping for another hour haha! Isn’t that literally the best feeling in the world?!

2. A long talk with tea + a good friend and literally saying 10x, “I thought I was the only one!” I love those kind of connections, and it is just so refreshing to have deep friendships like that!

3. Driving home at sunset and absolutely belting The Greatest Showman at the top of my lungs. Between the golden/pink sky and “A Million Dreams” playing, it was just a magical moment haha! Anyone else the biggest dreamer in the world?!

4. Trying something new (i.e painting class) with a friend this past weekend and literally laughing so hard the entire time…we definitely learned we are not destined to be artists, and our paintings looked absolutely terrible compared to everyone else’s. But what is life if you can’t make light of little failures and have the best time anyways?! I think that’s the best approach to anything new!

5. When a friend remembered a little insignificant (but really meaningful) fact about me! It’s so nice when a person does that because they know how much it means to you! I’ve been trying to remember to do that recently and ask about something a friend off-handedly mentioned a week ago, just to show I am listening and do care!

What moment made you smile today?


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